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Appian Way Bike Tour

– Appian Way Bike Tour: 4 hours –

The ‘Regina Viarum‘ (Queen of Roads), connects Rome, passing through Campania, up to the important port of Brindisi. The Via Appia Antica, almost completely closed to traffic on Sundays, is a route where you ride in an atmosphere of ancient tombs and stone pines immersed in the Roman countryside, and in some places it is easy to think you have stepped back in time.

The tour includes:

– English speaking guide
– City bike or E-bike
– Helmet
– Bike lock
– City map
– Coffee break / ice cream / drink
– Pick up and drop off: Our OFFICE

The cost of the tour per bike (minimum 4 pax)

– City bike: 75,00
– E-bike: 90,00


Ancient Appian way:

Things to see on the way:
• Caracalla’s Thermal baths
• S. Sebastian Door
• Aurelian Walls
• Ancient Appian Way
• S. Callisto Catacombs
• Circus of Maxentius
• Tomb of Caecilia Metella
• Tombs and Tumulus Ruins
• Ninfeum of Villa Quintili
• Aqueduct Park (Claudius and Felix)
• Caffarella Park
• Ninfeum of Egeria
• …and much more